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The Adelaide Club

The Adelaide Club was founded in 1863. The land in North Terrace on which the Club House stands was bought in the same year and building work rapidly proceeded, the Club House being, it seems, occupied by the end of 1864.

 The main structure fronting North Terrace remains virtually unaltered but in 1890 there was significant rebuilding at the rear of the premises. In 1963, the Annexe was opened on the top floor for mixed dining and in recent years there has been much refurbishment. A bar has been provided on the ground floor and bedroom accommodation brought up to standards appropriate for mixed use.

The Adelaide Club
165 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Tel: 61 8 8231 3348
Fax: 61 8 8231 2215

Email: General: reception@adelaide-club.asn.au
Email: Administration: admin@adelaide-club.asn.au

General Manager: Mr David J Boggan
Club President: Mr Hugh G MacLachlan

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