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Greenock Rise Vineyard, Greenock, Barossa Valley

Situated in the northern end of the Barossa Valley this vineyard is quintessential Barossa Valley red wine country largely in part due to its soils being relatively uniform red-brown earth over limestone and the climate during ripening being warm and dry.

"Greenock Red Brown Earth" is the term that best describes the soils from the vineyard. An outstandingly important feature of the geological beds in the area is their very great age which have been through quite a number of cycles of weathering and erosion. Much of the original mineral composition has now gone which probably explains why, for instance, their phosphorus content is low.


The red-brown earth has a high level of clay content which hangs onto stored moisture very effectively, only providing the vines with a limited amount at a time. This phenomenon, together with the soils' low phosphorus status, means that vine vigour and crop load is generally low, an important element in the vine being able to achieve full ripeness.

Greenock (a sub-region which now encompassed Marananga, Seppeltsfield and Greenock) is the home to many of the great, full-bodied reds of the Barossa Valley. Owned for years by the Kalleske family and now by David Materne, our Dry Grown Shiraz block has over the years produced the wonderful opulent Greenock-style fruit for our Greenock rise Single Vineyard Shiraz, while the 0/8 acre 1895 Grenache block (another testament to the viticultural history of the Barossa) in great years becomes our Greenock Rise Single Vineyard Grenahce.

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