"Our objective was and is to become one of the top premium boutique wineries in Australia"

Our Wines

  • The Winery

    This is situated at the Barossa Ridge vineyard on the edge of the Barossa Valley. As with everything to do with the Maverick philosophy, the winery has been hand-tailored to reflect our careful crafting of individual wines produced in small lots in accordance with time-honoured European traditions.

  • Wine Making

    The focus is on traditional, hand-made artisanal boutique wine production - from the reception of the hand-picked grapes in whole bunches in small bins, through the process (as regards red wine) of frequent pigeage and pump-overs in small fermentation vats by terroir lot, to basket-pressing and maturation in 100% French oak barrels...

  • A Unique Added Value Boutique Product

    Our unashamed goal is to always over-deliver, by producing small lots of not only genuinely hand-crafted products from Nature's best fruit and terroir, but wines which (whether they retail for $20 or $250 per bottle) will always denote outstanding value. We invite you to try our wines for yourself. We believe they will tell the story of Maverick better than anyone else can.

Our Wines Collection

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