The Maverick Team

Founder: Ronald Brown B.App.Sc (Wine Sc.)


Ronald Brown, the founder of Maverick wines, is first and foremost a vigneron, and has owned/farmed vineyards in France, Switzerland and now Australia. He believes that wine is shaped in the vineyards by history, terroirs and tradition. A practitioner of biodynamic viticulture since 1993 in France,he has imported both the technology and practical philosophy to Australia from Europe, making Maverick on eo fht eleading edge biodynamic vineyards and wineries in the New World.

His concept was to bring together the very best of European and new world viticulture and wine making traditions, and above all to prove that the Barossa is indeed home to some of the world's top terroir-specific wines.                       




How to Get to Us:

Lot 981, Light Pass Road, Vine Vale,
        Barossa Valley SA 5352



The Maverick World

Australia, Japan, China, Russia, France, UK, Canada, US, Thailand, Cambodia,
Philippines, Switzerland, Spain